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The finance festival for the future

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A not-for-profit showcase of modern ideas, collaboration and innovation that connects ambitious future finance stars with forward-thinking financial professionals.

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Who this is for:

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Students & Graduates

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Young Finance Pros

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Career Changers

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Employers in Finance

Financial Planning is one of the most rewarding careers available, but the barriers to entry mean that this is lost in translation. This festival will remove those barriers and share the amazing career opportunities for students and graduates.

We want to send a message to the financial planners of the future that the profession is moving forward and that innovation is very much alive. CHANGE. will inspire younger financial planners to continue to bring financial services into the 21st Century.

The financial planning profession is well-known for being a welcoming option for second careerists. Our festival will once again integrate them as part of the conversation about the future of our profession.

Recruiting great talent is one of the greatest challenges in the financial planning profession. This event strives to connect ambitious individuals with those looking to recruit, forging great relationships and potential opportunities.


Not your average finance event.

Pryzm Birmingham

17th October 2023

This is not a financial advice conference in a stuffy hotel event suite. 

The venue we have chosen for CHANGE is a vibrant, bustling event space in Birmingham to bring our festival to life. 

This relaxed venue gives delegates the perfect surroundings to learn and grow, whilst also making new friends and relationships with fellow attendees.


Live Streamed 

Can't make it to Birmingham? No problem.

CHANGE is being live-streamed to the entire world of finance, using state-of-the-art streaming methods to bring our festival to you, wherever you are.

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Fresh Panels & Speakers.

No fund talks. No traditional old ideas. Our Keynote Speakers, Panels & Workshops will be focused on important issues and will be designed to leave a lasting influence on the financial planning community.

Over the course of the day, we invite thought leaders from the finance space to share their modern insights on the future and how to build a career in financial planning.

What's planned:

Here is what you can expect at CHANGE:



3PM - 5PM

Welcome, Talks & Panels

5PM - 6PM

Buffet Food & Networking

6PM - 7PM

Speed Networking


Close & Networking

Our keynote speaker...

Shamik Dhar

Chief Economist, BNY Mellon

Shamik Dhar has 33 years’ experience as an economist. Starting in H.M. Treasury as an economic assistant in the mid 1980s, he moved to Oxford Economic Forecasting and then spent most of the 1990s as a senior economist in the Bank of England, where he worked on the UK economic forecast in the early days of inflation targeting and on monetary policy analysis in the early days of the Monetary Policy Committee.


Shamik moved to Aviva Investors (formerly Morley Fund Management) in 2000 and spent the next 14 years in the City of London, end ing up as a Head of Investment Strategy. In 2014, he became Chief Economist at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in a period of rapid geopolitical and economic change, advising ministers and senior officials on the economics of Brexit. Shamik joined BNY Mellon as Global Chief Economist in October 2018.

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Connect & grow.

We have chosen a space for this festival to be somewhere that conversation thrives and ideas bloom. With new relationships comes collaboration, resulting in long-lasting innovation for our profession.

CHANGE offers delegates the unique opportunity to meet with potential employers and future talent with our career speed networking and more regular networking sessions throughout the day.



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Food Included

Ticket information:

This is a not-for-profit event. Any profits made will be given to charities.

Tickets for this event are on-sale now. You can visit this event no matter where you live in the UK or elsewhere. Tickets are limited and are first-come, first-served.



All tickets include a voucher for food.

Get your tickets:

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